Discover the 7 reasons why Precision Industries is the number one choice to help with your Technology Upgrade and Integration

Reason #1: Our expertise ensures you choose the most suitable equipment

Don’t run the risk of choosing equipment that will date quickly or won’t help your school achieve its technology goals. Our expert team can help you choose the right equipment for each and every task.

Reason #2: Choosing Pi will be significantly more cost effective than purchasing the wrong solutions without our expertise and having
                     to replace it

Get it right the first time! Don’t waste your schools time and resources by purchasing a solution that doesn’t meet your specific requirements. Eliminate the need to replace or upgrade a system unnecessarily.

Reason #3: Our team can ensure you are using each technology device to its full potential meaning better value for money on your

Choosing the right equipment required that is integrated and communicates efficiently through a central network will improve the overall technology experience, and produces a good return on investment.

Reason #4: We won’t leave you in the lurch once the job is done

Ongoing support is something we value highly. Our expert team will install and setup your technology to ensure you experience minimal technical issues, however, if you do encounter any issues, our support team will be available to resolve them promptly. We offer support plans to suit every school and ensure you always get the help you need.

Reason #5: We take care of the project management, so you don’t have to

Your staff are busy enough without having to take on the task of project management as well. You will have a dedicated Project Manager who takes care of the day to day running of the project and ensures everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Reason #6: We ensure your staff are trained and confident in using the new technology

We want you to get the best value from your technology and to use it to its full potential. In order to achieve this, we will comprehensively train all your staff instilling confidence in using and exploring the technology available.

Reason #7: Our team are multi skilled and are experts in their fields

Our experienced delivery team includes Design Engineers, Project Managers, industry recognised Installers, a Supply and Support Team to ensure your job is completed with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

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