Discover the amazing story of how Precision Industries became a market leader in its field

Over five years ago the founding team at Precision Industries (Pi) identified a gap in the market for reliability, expert advice and guidance for schools wanting to update their technology. They realised that schools were wasting money buying unsuitable equipment or equipment that served one purpose only, not giving them good value for money.

With other businesses in the market offering advisory or installation services only, it seemed they offered a uniform approach rather than customising and offering solutions tailored to a schools' needs. The most important and interesting find was that, there were no other technology providers offering complete end-to-end solutions to schools to help reach their technology goals.

As a result of these findings and to fill the massive gap in the market, Pi was born. By researching the behaviour of students and recognising that students of today learn differently to their parents and grandparents, and have been immersed in technology their entire lives, they knew another solution was needed. It was becoming essential that educators use technology to communicate with their students and provide a more interactive learning environment to maintain student engagement.

Over the years Pi's client base grew to include public and private schools, VET training providers, Government and corporate organisations. Pi also established strong relationships with the biggest brands in the industry including; Google, Microsoft, Samsung, ASUS, Acer, Toshiba, HP, DELL, Cisco, Crestron, Polycom, Epson, ¬≠Casio, BOSE, ViewSonic, TeamBoard and many more. Pi is also Government approved in ICT SCM 0020 and 278 AV and Presentation solutions. See all our Pi Partners.

Forward to 2016, Pi has helped countless schools and other organisations integrate new technology into their teaching and communication methods, giving them the leading edge over their competitors. With a team of over 20 expert staff, Pi is now a market leader and offers a complete advice, installation and after sales training and support solution to schools and organisations throughout Australia.

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