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Keep your school up to date with the latest technology

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Discover the various solutions we have to offer and tailor a project to suit the unique needs of your school and its students.

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From planning and consultation right through to complete training and ongoing support our customised services ensure upgrading is as simple as possible.

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Explore the market leading brands that Precision Industries partners with to bring you solutions that have been scrupulously tested and have the PI stamp of approval.

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Have one of our consultants visit your school to complete a thorough technology audit and consultation so you have all the information required to move forward.

Discover how we can help with a FREE Technology Review, Plan and Audit

Let one of our consultants visit your school and show you solutions that could increase communication and engagement with your students and staff

Keep up to date with the latest technology and give your students the advantage.

Interactive Systems

Engage and motivate students with interactive technologies that mean teachers can spend more time amongst students than in front of them. Discover more.


AV Integration

Each school is unique so let us design a system that will meet your specific needs and ensure that your school is operating as effectively as possible. Discover more.


ICT Solutions

Ensure all departments in your school are in collaboration with high quality network solutions. Faster connections means less down time for your students and staff. Discover more.


Digital Signage

Communicate your message simply and effectively with digital signage that can be targeted to specific locations throughout your school meaning personalised content is possible. Discover more.


Video Conferencing

High definition video conferencing equipment makes communication even easier and can save you time and money travelling to meetings and engaging remotely. Discover more.


Maintenance & Support

We are here to ensure your questions are answered and offer unlimited support after the project is complete. Discover more.


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